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The Emperor:BFD Soundtrack CD

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How is the quality on the soundtrack CD compared to just rip the mp3s from the game?

Does the soundtrack CD contain any music tracks not found in the game or vice versa?

Are there any place where I legally can buy this soundtrack (except visiting eBay 24/7).

Many of the Frank Klepacki soundtracks are sold on iTunes and eMusic, but not the Dune tracks, AFAIK.

PS! If you are interested in selling me the soundtrack CD, please send me a PM.

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hey radivx

try www.khinsider.com ,theres a fair few ost's and rips there.. have fun :)

even has a few rare tracks in there, interesting stuff ;)

though i cant confirm if theres an actual ost for emperor, but it looks like there may be :/

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