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Weird graphic bugs & slow performance


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Hello people. I'm having some weird problems with EBFD.

While im playing this game i get some weird graphic bugs. Every rock starts to flicker and then it comes back to normal. This happens everytime when i play this game.

Also, sometimes the game just gets slower and slower. Usually i have 60 frame(wont give more) but when i create 10units or more it comes down to 20. It's pretty annoying to play with that frame rate. After i save my game it starts to work again(the performance). As for the graphic thing, i've updated my 3D card's drivers but it didnt seem to help not one bit..

My system specs are: AMD 64 3200+,1GB and Club3D x800XL.

Thanks for reading & please help me  8)

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Does spice look all weird, too? I used to have a similar problem when using the Omega drivers.

I have no idea what a 'Club3D x800XL' is, I'm afraid.

Try deactivating/activating Vsync through your graphics control panel. And generally tweak your options to see if it helps anything.

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