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Halo 2 Fanfiction


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Greetings. I have completed a rough summary for my new Halo 2 fanfiction series. Please read. I'll post the entire trilogy when I have completed each book. Expect some borrowed material from Halo 2. The series is called Operation Covert Injection. The three books are called Anne Frank, Axis Insurgency and Total War. This is a summary for Anne Frank.

In 2552, 4 super-soldiers are going to be awakened. Their names: Tony, Chas, Gina and Lauren. Their mission: utilize recently unveiled time-travel technology, go to 1944, and rescue Anne Frank from the incoming Nazis. With the aid of allies calling themselves the Covenant; a collection of powerful alien races under the rule of the Elites; the strike team is unexpectedly shot down by the Confederate Worlds of Andromeda's fleet and marooned on a ring-shaped object in deep space. Avid Halo 2 players in their past lives, Tony and Chas dub the ring-world Alpha Halo. While on the ring, the CI Team reveals numerous secrets about Halo, and discover a powerful artificial intelligence. Much to their horror, they also discover that the parasitic life form called the Flood inhabit the ring. Together with 835 Watchful Eagle; the AI on Halo; the team annihilates the Flood and return to Earth to complete their assigned mission. 

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