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Starcraft 2


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Blizzard did a great job on this game. I like the gamplay. The grafix are good, especially in jungle maps. The missions are unique and even original. And the story line is original as well. The AI only cheats on insane, double income.

Only downpart is: I checked balances by only allowing 6 resource gatherers vs a medium computer. Zerg gets new drones for buildings of course. Anyway, i tried out each race against another race and played 3 times trying 1 of the 3 favorite strategies against any opponent. Basicly i had a total of 27 games, 9 each race.

Terrans get good defence, build up forces, then can attack with siege mode as support and win. Of course you can have limitless guns with the Ravens. Or just mass marines with mediviac and marauders, this last one works bad against protoss, but thats it.

Protoss, get a great mix, and you win. Get Immortals and Colossus, with some Stalker support and win. Or just simply mass Stalkers, and you win. I never ever used templar, since Colossus works better in more then half the time.

Zerg, hmmm i never won. Zerg seems to be weak if it comes to defending. Zerg might be a bit stronger if you get resource income as quick as possible, but that was not allowed for a balance check. Zergling rush and keep pushing of course wins the day, but so does cannon rush.

Protoss and Zerg can win against an insane computer. But Terrans somehow get defeated badly, unless you have plenty of bunkers and repair them, then get siege tanks.

Some units seem useless, but when you learn how to use them, they are great. The only unit i still have to learn is the templar.

Quiz about SC2 :) :

1) Has anyone of you seen the hint, how much minerals equals 1 gas? I know i did :D.

I give you another hint, WC2 had the same kind of hint. So the question is, how much minerals equals 1 gas?

2) Which single Terran Infantry unit is the most effective in killing a zergling?

3) How many nukes are needed for destroying a Hive?

4) How to get al the Armory upgrade achievments and mercenary achievments without restarting the single player missions?

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