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Dialog.bag freeze


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Hi, i'm trying to install this game on an old pc (win 98 OS) that has actually run the game before, when I last plauyed years ago. Now however my new discs dont intall, though they do on a different machine (which unfortuantely isn't mine), so i know the discs are ok.

The problem is at around 54% installation it hits the dialog.bag file and the cd just stops and i get the message 'can't red from dialog.bag'. Nothing i've tried (including empinstfix10) doesn't work. Can anyone help? Thanks.

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If you are on the network with the other machine share the CD drive and install using the other computers optical drive ?

You have obviously tried copying all the files to HD first (that would be part of the empinstallfix thing) ?

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I've had no luck getting both machines to communicate; one uses XP (a much faster machine) whereas the other is 98, as i said.

i tried putting the entire contents on hte hard drive before using the fix.exe and it wouldn't read off the HD, it just kept saying insert disc.

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