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A Couple ideas for some fics


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Miss me? Well I know I have, I still fan fic, mostly zombie based ones. These two are quite popular threads on anothe forum I visit. Thought you might like give them a glance, and tell me if your interested at all.

So I was thinking a bit earlier, yes it happens now and then. While the occasional synaps firing may not be importent, this one didn't sound that bad.

Well, the first idea is to bring back one of my older fics. The Survivor.net one.  Basicly, the world is falling apart, and while goverment and economic institutions slowly begin to succumb to the undead plight. One thing keeps hope alive among the scattered survivors.

Communication. The Internet has survived in one form or another, while the majority of all sites are down. One remains a constant factor. Based Orginaly in A mountain complex within Alaska, these servers originaly contained Balistic missle target locations, as well as top seceret information. The light military guard that had been protecting them fled during the first sighs of the outbreak.

A group of suvivors(several of the guards included) fled back to the moutain and hijacked the servers. Creating


The game would play like a journal, a blog sort of thing. It would be

free write first of all. Posting their own adventures , and their own quest for survival and awnsers. People can talk back and fourth in the messeges, trying to set up contact points, tactical information, ect.

Any Takers?


The second idea is a direct fan fiction sort of write. Based off the Matrix.

You play a charachter in the Matrix. Unknown to them, Zion(The last human city) Is falling to the machine rampage. In a desperet attempt at a [font color=navy]final solution

Humanity set loose a plague apon the machine's. For with out thier human batteries, the machines would [font color=navy]Die. Zion holds the cure to the plague. Will the machines stop and accept peace? Or will they snuff out humanity as their own batteries are slowly being consumed?

This would be traditional RP, (Day one, A/O M&M style) You play a person in the Matrix as the undead plague begins to consume the world. You must survive until peace fills the land, or have your body flushed from the protein rich tanks in which it has resided for so many years.

any one interested?

Now the latter is more of a role playing sort of thing then a direct fan fiction. You make a char application (Will post the app if people are interested) and pick a number of skills and skill points. When you start the game, you post your intentions

IE Dont say "I shot him and he died." Insted you could say "I raised the weapon, my hands shaking from inexperience and shock, I pulled the trigger."

From there, I use a dice program that rolls, and if that roll and your number = a hit, then bam you hit him.

If Anyone remberes the Fan fiction vs fanficiton char thread that we had back some time ago it's the same concept.

This prevents a few problems with Fan fiction.

1. God modding, You can not god mod if you can not control the actions of your Char's. Controlling their intentions mears you can not magicaly make up things that wern't their before. Or give your person magical abilites.

2. Prevents the stagnation of fan fic, this will hopefully allow threads to become long and filled with awesome sauce.


any takers?

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As usual, I'm all for it. I haven't written in a long time and yearn to do so. However, all the Olde Souls(GhostHunter, Sard, and others) have, it seems, drifted away. Sad, but there isn't really much we can do. Dante is still haunting the boards(I see him every now and then), but don't see much other posting.


But if something gets started up, I'll join.

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