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A few questions


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I bought this game quite long ago but my computer was a crap and I couldn't install this because everytime I tried it was saying I should uninstall it first. ::)

I want to know few things.

1. Is it possible to do something with controls? I have an English version and as you see, I am not good English speaker. When I try to play this game, this terrible Paul going not there where I want him to go, I see floor when I want to see anemy and so on so on.

2. Is it possible to cut off movies and cutscenes? When I have to hear Jessica/Paul conversation once more and once more it get me shivering...

And I don't think it's a crap, though a lot of people say so. It's kinda...different. ;)

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Well, quite well. I am now in sietch, after "worm chasing". Controls still hate me and I hate them but hell, well.

As for the cutscenes, strange thing. Some movies are closing when I press escape some not. Maybe my computer have problems (again?). But I think escape isn't the best strategy. Could you check if it works for you?

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