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[Dune 2] Mission editing help


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Do you mean that AI controlled Fremen don't build new units even if they have appropriate structures? I didn;t do a check by myself, but I think it was not supposed by the original game's code. On the other hand, it may be so that the production must be triggered (e.g. the AI player's buildings are attaked by another player, etc. etc.) Did you give them enough money? Are there predefined attack teams in the scenario code?

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I have checked the issue, and the Fremen will build units, like any other AI controlled House, if they have a at least one preplaced Refinery, and ample credits. If they still don't (re)build, try attacking their base. Should work.


To sum up, it the AI actions are generally triggered when certain conditions are met. Since it cannot build/expand a base by itself, it needs a fully functional pre-placed base to operate. This is why the AI might not work properly if its base is incomplete. It is also possible that the refinery is a top priority structure to rebuild by the AI, and since it can't rebuilt what is not there, it comes to a halt.

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Well I do start them out with a prebuilt base, i was wondering if you have tried it with the editor, and if they were active on creating units and what not?

What editor do you mean? I've used a Dune 2 scenario editor by Shgrath to modify a map (HK mission 1) for the test.

I was also wondering if they need attack team codes, if thats what all cpu houses needed to attack?

The attack teams are actually optional (due to a typo in the original game scenarios, most attack teams did not function; more info on this here). If no attack teams are set, the AI will just build any available units and send them to attack the player one by one. Attack team code is needed to tweak the AI, make it more/less powerful (as there are generally no discrete difficulty levels for the AI, it's just the same throughout the whole game), as well as define a certain way of its behavior. Read more about the attack team types in this thread.

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Oh i used Dunedit by stefan, i guess dunedit does not make the fremen base active when created

Actually there aren't any lines in the scenario that would make a base "active".

Check if the Fremen are listed among the Houses in your scenario, like this:






I think Stefan mentioned a bug in dunedit that had something to do with the Brain= section of a House "profile". Make sure this section exists for the Fremen, and that it says Brain=CPU.

BTW, what House is the player on your map? If it's Atreides, the Fremen are always allied with the Atreides, and this may be the reason why the AI doesn't kick in... ??? I've got to check this


This may also be caused by the game version differences. I tested it on v1.0, and v1.07 might be different.

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Yea all the scripts are setup just like that, and lol yes i am atriedes, i was hoping i would have a good allied combat if they had  a base, well i guess thats the reason, it would prob work if i was another house, because i mean if the sardukar create units then i guess they can too just not allied

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Yes, I've checked it with Atreides too, and the Fremen don't build anything, even if attacked. Other that being automatically allied with Atreides in all missions, they are identical to any other House AI-wise, and hence no real AI vs AI combat is possible. Moreover, it also seems that if you play as Fremen in Super Dune 2, the Atreides will behave the same as Fremen do when you play Atreides.

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lol what a bummer, i was hoping to have an allied base, hopefully d2tm will have skirmish ready to go with teams, i was also having trouble with super dune 2, when i start it up it says that super dune 2.exe is invalid does it have to go into the same folder as dune 2?

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