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operation:TESTING DUNE


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 today is day 2 of operation:testing dune. or, at least it would be, if i didn't have to do a bunch of stupid crap. all i got to do is figure out that i need a small amount of water in the nose catch pocket in order for it to dillude the  mucous.  


thank you, come again!


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thank you.....I think..... :-/

 this is day 3 of operation:TESTING DUNE. I started out by pouring water into the nasal oraface and getting a cold. (this can be done by standing outside in the now present freezing indiana weather. by the way, lime green is now my official spokescolor. steal and die. >:( )  obviously, it worked, but it meses up the filter after awhile, so i made the nose filter easily replaceable by putting them into cartridges.  Being diabetic, i went to do my blood test, and i found out we were eating at a resteraunt. so, obviously, i took my stillsuit. lo and behold, it worked perfectly for every test.  nnow that i am satisfied it works, i will be closing this page and getting a patent. gob, if you will, seal the thread.

  this is the 3rd and final day of operation: testing dune.    

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