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Mod Heresey with Conflict of the Landsraad


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So what have I done to my mod that will have the purists screaming?

I have junked RefineryRamps - you can now only build a refinery with a single harvester connection point - just like in Dune2000.

See picture below for the TL Refinery (TL-Ordos alliance).

I have also junked the overpowerful IMSardaukar heavy machine gun in favour of a new machinegun with slightly better performance against armour than the standard infantry gun and only equal against infantry. To balance and give Sardaukar their relative strength against other enemies I have upped their health to nearly double that of Ix or Ordos infantry units.

I am at least a third of the way through creating icons and with this tweaking/balancing of units/buildings I still hope to roll out the mod before Xmas 2006.


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