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Random map/scenario generator?


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Just an idea here. The seed principle used in Dune 2 is basically that of a random map generator - the designers only didn't go that far to implement truly random scenarios. However, it shouldn't be that difficult to do, should it? I've come up with a sample random scenario generation algorithm that would work for both skirmish and Dune 2-like campaign scenarios.

Step 1. The map is blank, no terrain or unit data is present yet. A random point on the map is picked as a human player start location - the player's construction yard will be placed there. The area in a circle around the human start location is marked as "AI free", meaning that no computer owned units or structures will be placed there so that a certain distance between the human and AI players is kept.

Step 2. Start location(s) for computer player(s) are generated, keeping a maximum distance from the human players start location.

Step 3. Now terrain is generated, mostly randomly, but keeping to these basic rules:

a) There must be ample solid rock around each start location for base construction,

b) Each start location must be relatively close to sand,

c) There must be a spice field/spice bloom in the immediate vicinity of each start location.

Step 4. With terrain generated, actual buildings and units are placed (only const. yard and units in case of a skirmish game, predefined units and buildings for the AI if it's a campaign scenario).

I think it's quite doable in D2TM, ad the result would be a higher replayability value of the game ::)

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Funny. In the new version of D2TM there is a totally rewritten random map generator. This one will do some things like you described. Depending on the amount of players, it will create good rock areas to build on, and it will try to keep a fair distance between ALL players. It does not always work out well, but 90% of the time it does (depending on map size, etc). You can also specify some intensities there. Quite fun to see how its created.

I should be really going to code that game again some time, but since i lack so much time and also code for work i don't really feel like coding yet. WHo knows , i might do this whole thing in Java ;)

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