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Please help. Have problems with playing online.


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Thats great news. Something very iffy going on there. But alls well that ends well. And this is a well ending thing. So alls well.....erm...yeah...

Good one, and thanks for letting us know.

See you on the sands then ?

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OK. It's working. My first games.....OMG thats too fast. How can players build so many units in so short time :O??? I need to think about training ;). Hope I find some beginner like me. Daedalus come and play :)

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Good you got a game. EXEVERYONE says its too fast at first, but then you get accustomed and then the other games seem slow.

ASk some of the nice people (there are a few not as helpful ones, but dont get put off) how they manage it. Ask about the order to build in (build order/BO) and try a few different things. Always always keep yourself busy, think, if you are not busy, the other guy is, he will out-do you in some way. Be busy building spicing and doing...

Anyway, it all comes with experience.  ;)

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