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warranty jobs?


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yea i got a question about how oems and retail computer stores handle warranty claims..

the problem is an ati x800 card(xpertvision)  has died (one of the legs has been scratched badly)

the problem i was wondering about is the value of the card when it was bought has gone down by at least $100 ...to add to that the x800 series isnt being made anymore ,with the exception of the  gto and le cards still floating around..

how would they replace a card that has been discontinued,  or  would it be a case of a full refund if its not able to be replaced by the SAME model  (even though the recent price of the  card has dropped)?  or would they  just replace it with a similar if higher model ? eg x800pro/850.....ORRR.... would they say well cant replace it  theres no more of them, and ur cards  worth shit now  so heres wetf we think its value is ,to be refunded? 

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If something is replaced on warranty, they will usually replace with same or closest available match. So you might benefit if your item is older and isnt made anymore. I had something like that happen to me.

Hardest part is getting it sorted under the warranty !

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If the warranty is still in affect then they can't *not* replace it.

But as stated, they'll do the closest possible. Remember, just because it isn't made any longer doesn't mean they don't have a few in storage somewhere. If not, it'll be the nearest match of the same company (as in since it's an ATi it wouldn't be a NVIDIA replacement).

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nice.. only took 3 and a half months past the quoted eta....very nice....even then they forgot to contact me when it arrived  (only 15 days late b4 i called them) guess i wont be going back there agen eh..  figures they wouldnt do me a refund tho,  the excuse?  'its a card that isnt to be sold anymore, even though its new(the card), our rma department doesnt do restocking/ exchanges on non doa7day products or discontinued products' 

good thing its found a use in some1 elses machine tho  or id bash them with it and try draw blood with the solder points..  bah got an sapphire x800pro instead, oc's nicely too  :P got it running at 520/560 xtpe speeds still under 45degc not bad eh? not bad!

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ill add to this,  i bought a creative x-fi sound card from a umart store a while back,

it started making crackling static hissing noisec etc  and died,  got it rma'ed thru the normal procedure.... the 2nd card did the same thing within days....i send a nice girl in with a niice set 'o to lean over the counter and ask for a replacement nicely right  :P      got a new card over the counter  LOL!!  luv it! cheers

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