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A lone flametank destroyed an entire base!

Big D

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I was playing Harkonnen on sandy pass against the Ordos AI.

I started the production of several tanks, and felt the need to send a flametank (the first tank built) to the enemy base to kill initial infantry and stuff.

To my shock, The tank killed all the infantry, burnt down the Ordos factory and got to level 2 and started to repair. Then I had a few troopers left to kill. After that, all that was left of the Ordos base was a refinery, an outpost and several windtraps. I quickly had them burned down too.

It was so awesome. a lone tank obliterates a whole enemy base. ;D

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thing is with flam tanks when they get promoted is that they get realy long range...its gose far

after the visible red flam that the tank blow... u need them in big combats but not in big numbers

because there are week against other viechels..even the light veichels can kill them eazly..

olso u need luck or super micro when u run them throw the lines of ure army because u want them to hit inf groups...i usaly leave it to luck..and inks are better in this field because they stand at behind and have more chance to hit inf...good luck

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