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Dune II - The Maker reaches BETA stage in DEMO 2 release.


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I proudly present you a release of D2TM. A demo version which is further then any project i have ever worked on, feature wise, detail wise, completeness wise!

Thanks to some devoted members on the Fed2k D2TM reached this state much faster then i could possibly hope.

DEMO 2 contains enough content to supply you with:

- All missions of the original dune 2 of all Houses

- All campaign flows of all Houses of the original dune 2

With the improved mentat text strings (win/lose/briefing), ability to "choose your next conquest" and an actual AI to play against, this DEMO is the most complete Dune 2 clone i have ever written. Combined with the refined graphics delivered by the D2TM team, this version surely is worth a try for all those who loved to play Dune 2.

So what is next? Improvements, tweaking, adding a few things here and there (leftovers). After that, adding some new big nice features (load/saving, skirmish, multiplayer?).

Want to try this out? Visit this topic, download the file and let us know what you think about it!.

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