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So who's grabbed the "Dune: Extended Edition"?

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I haven't picked up my copy yet, but it does seem to sport a nice tin-esque box. Looks very sharp.

I understand the extended version is -- verbatim -- the extended "Alan Smithee" version that's been floating around on pirated VHS and home-made DVD for years now, which I've seen. My question is, is the extended version now on official DVD cleaned up and cut "smoother"?

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I've just got it in the mail, and all I can say for now is that the cover is really cool and long-lasting (it's a metal plate). I can tell later of how well it is cut, and how the bonus material is.

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But it really is, 100%, exactly the same as the Alan Smithee VHS version that's been available (albeit, in discreet circles) for years now?

Yeah, it is the Smithee version.

I should get my free copy soon.

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