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any large scale battles in the mini series

john smith

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I have never the read the book but my dad is big fan of it and I love the video games and I once watched the 1980s version of dune with him ages ago and I remember the cool battles in them such as the ones near the end of the movie and when the Harkonnen attack the Atreides base. I loved that battle the most mainly of the music, the hundreds of troops and Patrick Stewart shouting "Long live duke Leto". Are there any large scale battles in this mini series and Children of Dune?

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Hmm, I don't know about large scale battles, but there would definitely be similar battles in the movie and the first miniseries. And the first miniseries directors cut is almost 5 hours long, so there is as many battles (better word would be action), than Lynch's movie.

If you enjoyed the movie, you should enjoy the miniseries (although many people have preferences over the movie or the miniseries as to which is better). I saw the first miniseries on tv before I read the books or even Lynch's Dune, and I enjoyed it immensely and ended up buying the dvds for each miniseries and the movie.

Definitely worth the watch if you can rent it, or got money to spend on buying DVDs (get directors cut for first miniseries).

The miniseries is much closer to the books (it has 5 hours..) than the movie. The miniseries doesn't have any "wierding modules" like the movie, but they weren't in the books to begin with.

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