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Request - deadly serious!


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I meant that this maxed unit can run around the map at hight speeds and reveal it, not reveal the map at once with its huge sight range. However, I've only read about such a possibility in a readme from a Dune 2 savegame/level editro, but I never tried this.

One more thing is to use cheat mode in dune legacy (F1 if I remember correctly) and screenshot the map. Should be working good (except some Ordos levels where seeds are missing).

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Doesn't the seed revealing tool work? Or is it just that no one volunteered to do it? I can do, if you wish. Looks like I'm able to handle this task.

EDIT: Stefan, I've revealed the Ordos seed maps, check the seed map thread for download ;) Whew, that was kind of tiresome to do this... Luckily it was only one side... You're a hero to have revealed all the seeds for both AT and HK :D

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