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Characters in the Legends of Dune series *spoilers*


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Just general conversation here about the characters in the trilogy.

I would say that Xavier Harkonnen was definitely one of the more likable characters, although maybe this was because he is everything you wouldn't expect from a Harkonnen, and Vorian, was another character that I felt was very strong throughout the book, and was a character you could get involved with, and see his feelings, and was very well written.

As was Erasmus, the computer who wanted to be human it seemed, I enjoyed almost all of the Erasmus scenes, even if in the last book I felt that Gilbertus, and the development of the Mentats was a quite weak.

The Cymeks in general weren't too bad, although there were only two Cymeks who I felt were writeen really well, being Agamemnon, and Ajax, and unfortunately, Ajax is killed off quite quickly. 

Anymore comments?

Anyone also feel that Rayna was like Alia?

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Rayna... Was she the idiot girl who survived the plague? I hated her. Wretched little fanatic.

Unfortunately, I thought that characterisation was one of the weakest parts in the Legends series; which is saying something since the books overall were terrible. Xavier and Vorian just struck me as stereotypes. The overwhelming impression that I got from them was that the authors were trying too hard to make them into 'good guys.' Hence predictable behaviour, clich

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