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Emperor in XP (no the fix didnt work!!)


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i have had this game ages and had the urge to play it yesterday but when i tried it loaded the splash screen then went to the desk top not even a black screen :'(.

i have tried uninstalling it and now i cant reinstall it.

i installed this fix ftp://ftp.westwood.com/pub/emperor/update/EMPENGINSTFIX10.ZIP from this thread http://dune2k.com/forum/index.php?topic=15360.0 and followed the instructions exactly but

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hmm, I have the same problem, "cannot read from file game1.cab"

any idea about a solution?

Im using win98

I browsed through old messages & saw there could be a problem with Norton, but I dont use Norton. I'll try to desactivate my antivirus though (it's Avira).

& by the way i tried to install the game from an iso file built from the cd to the harddisk and mounted as a Cd, but same error message occurs.

anyway thanx if anyone has an idea, the problem seems to be quite common and happen in a lot of circumstances (XP, 98, compatibility with Norton..)

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A small group of our players using certain types of CD/DVD/CDR drives have

experienced trouble installing EMPEROR: BATTLE FOR DUNE.  The attached files

and these instructions should resolve any hardware incompatibilities found

during the installation procedure.

1. If you have more than one CD (or DVD/CDRW) drive, make sure Emperor disk 1 is in the first CD drive (the one with the lowest alphabetical drive letter).

a. From your desktop, double-click the "My Computer" icon.

b. You will see a list of drives followed by a drive letter indicator, e.g. EMPEROR1 (E:)

c. Make sure the EMPEROR1 disk is in the lowest alphabetical CD drive.

2. Copy the "setup" folder from the root of Emperor disk 1 onto your desktop.

a. From your desktop, double-click the "My Computer" icon.

b. Right-click on the "EMPEROR1" disk icon and select "Open".

c. Right-click on the "setup" folder and drag it to your desktop.

d. Choose the "Copy Here" option when prompted.

3. Open the new setup folder on your desktop and copy the replacement file "setup.exe" into the folder.

4. Double-click the setup.exe in the desktop setup folder - this will start the installation procedure.    ( >:( no effect after i click it ....then of course without step 5 and 6 :'()

5. Once the installation procedure has completed, you will need to copy the replacement file "emperor.exe" into the folder where you installed Emperor. The default installation is c:westwoodemperor.

a. From your desktop, double-click the "My Computer" icon.

c. Double-click the "C:" drive icon.

d. Double-click the "Westwood" folder icon.

e. Double-click the "Emperor" folder icon.

f. Copy the replacement "emperor.exe" into this folder.

6. Now you should be all set. To run Emperor, you can double-click the "Emperor - Battle For Dune" icon on your desktop, or run the game from the Autoplay screen that appears when you insert an Emperor game disk into your CD drive.

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