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Online Problem (really bugging me)


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Yes, I have THIS many problems with Emperor :'(

When I go online, I have several buttons at my disposal, like Chat, Refresh, List Buddies, etc.

And shortly after I go online, most of the buttons suddenly stop functioning. I can't even exit! This can go on for a couple of minutes, before I'm told I have disconnected.

There is no problem with my ping. I play on Battle.net absolutely fine. Even Renegade doesn't have this problem.

It's an old problem. I had it since the days of WOL, but it's really bugging me. In fact, shortly after that, I went back to desktop and realised my Empbot faced some problems and I had to reconnect (the online list became empty and gave me an error message after I refreshed it).

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Cant really help but can hopefully provide a little info.

The buttons are clicked, and then the messages get sent to the server (refresh list, enter host, create host...etc). If the server doesnt respond, no action can be taken by the game, so basically when it doesnt respond online, its the server.

I get this after every game I play, I cannot reconnect to the server, so I made a shortcut to exit the game, and open the game again. If you get this striaght away then maybe you need to do some serious testing to see what is going wrong with your messages to/from the server.

Either you canĀ  catch me on msn or ra, if she isnt busy. ;)

If you want to try it yourself, if you can be bothered, I would recommend ethereal packet capture to find out what messages are sending and being received.

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I don't get it straightaway, some buttons work, but only occasionally. Most importantly, they seem (unconfirmed) to occur after I click on Chat and return after seeing that there are no channels on RA's server.

I also get disconnected from Empbot after a while, with some "remote" thing error message.

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