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Fed2k Election 05'


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Well, decided to do somethng here, that blends a little bit of fanfiction and a little bit of PRP.

A referundum is passed after President Bush steps down from office for health reasons in 0'7 for a new election, however new laws are passed allowing smaller parties a bigger role in the election.

Fast foward to the election debates.

You pick a political party, group, or ideal. The first round of the debate will be over a issue I choose, such as the Econemy, the war in Iraq, the war on terror, gay marrige, Education. After I choose the topic, each group will post oh a short speach (2-6 paragraphs remember it's a debate not a essay) On the topic. After every group,(or the majority of them) post a stance on a subject, we can have a election based on popular vote(breaking down gaming/ fan fiction/ ect into colleges just doesn't seem to fun) And who ever wins that election will be the popular President of Fed2k and America.

Notes: This is not a flame thread, you can not reply directly to anyone who has posted before you or what they said, just state your topic and your belifes in it, after every puts there 2 cents in a topic, we can debate, but flame's will be crushed with the fury of an ex moderater.

Notes: It isn't required, but people should have a vice president that can state there opinion (1-3 paragraphs) on each subject to.

Well, I was going to put it in FF, but it seemed better here. Anyone interested in breaking the tedium of PRP and having a bit of fun? Discuss for awhile before we start, and pick your groups.

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If the concept would be more about the things and only then about a 'game', then ok...but I find it better here. Ie war in Iraq or gay marriages aren't exactly the things which define highs of political art (really, we have thousands of threads about it here already); nor I would say that these issues have any effect on function of FED2k site.

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It was ment metaphoricly, not as a actutal change fed2k(duh?), and those were whats called examples, moving this to fanfiction? It's neither a fan fic or a original fic, it doesn't serve a purpose here. It deserves to be in PRP, as the politcal debates are not for this forum but for PRP, move it back.

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