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New Icons for emp


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Hi Ladies. I was wondering if it was possible to change the icons for units and buildings in emp. How easy is it ?

If it is easy, I would like to give it a go. Personalise my emp, and maybe make icons I find easier to use, or just more attractive. Hehe, maybe even colour code my icons (units I use alot with a particular background, maybe ?).

Was just wondering how easy it was really. Is it a little bit of photoshop ? I can do that. Heck, I could even put family memebers there !

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The icons are located in 3DDATA0001.RFH in your Emperor/data folder. You will need a tool like DuneEx. To find the names of the icons you want, check the ArtIni.txt, which can be found in the MODEL0001.RFH (opened with the same tool). Or you can download artIni.txt from dune2k. Once you find the icons you want, extract them anywhere you want. They are in .tga format. Edit them to your liking, then put them into a folder named 3ddata in your Emperor/data folder. That should do it.

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