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New Dune Project...


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Well, i'm planning to make some kind of Dune game, not graphical, but text-based on a website.

I realy like to play Dune alot, i played all versions of dune, completed them all.

But i cannot make a new Dunes game, even text-based on my own.

So i would like to ask, is anyone interested in joining me for the creation of this Dune?



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I started the project, currently all units are added to the database.

the project is called Dune 2005.

Soon i will release site where it will be localized for testing, beta, news etc etc

If interested to join the project, contact me on my MSN ;)

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I've read you develop this in Java. Since its similiar to C++/C and i also get the hang of in due my job i am also very interested in possibilities in coding stuff with Java. Java is pretty 'easy' to learn and with the nice IDE (I use Eclipse) its very easy to write neat code.

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