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Alright so its been a few months since I last cleaned out my inbox... the combination of being busy and lazy is never a good combination! :D

There have been a bunch of files uploaded, see the listing in the upper right of the main page, these include midi files from Dune and Dune II sent in by ShaiWa. There was also an update to one of the original Dune 2000 mods, Epic Dune, which was sent in by harkahn.

I've received a couple of emails about Dune related projects in development as well. The first is Dune: The War for Arrakis which is a total conversion for C&C Generals. The mod is still under construction and the first beta is expected in early 2006 but they already have renders of some of the units available.

And the second was that the Dune Legacy project has been revived. You can read more about the project on its SourceForge site and in our Dune Editing board.

That is it for now, feel free to email me more Dune gaming related news, I'll try to post it a little faster next time. ;)

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