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Another XP problem


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Hi guys, hi Nyarlathotep:

I recently reinstall Emperor after a long time. In my old computer (Windows ME based) it runs properly, but now it crashes randomly. I have updated my drivers and stuff, and the game itself also, but nothing good happens.

My configuration is:

Operative System: Windows XP Profesional, Service Pack 2

Motherboard: PCChips M825LU

CPU: AMD Duron 1600 MHZ

RAM: 224 Mb (+32Mb)

Video: S3 Graphics ProSavageDDR, 32Mb (integrated)v.

Sound: Creative Soundblaster Awe-128 v.

Sometimes I receive a message telling me that it is a video driver problem, and other times telling me that it is a sound problem. Any way the system restarts  ???. I have updated my drivers also!

Any help will make a very happy player!



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Thanks for your fast answer. Here is my DxDiag file. I looked many post here and try any possible solution before my own post, so I do not have Norton (I have NOD32 and I shut it down when I try to play anyway) and I already install the game following the EMPENGINSTFIX10 patch.

I hope this DxDiag file can make some light in the problem!

Long life the fighters of Muad'Dib!


[attachment archived by Gobalopper]

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Go to the Start Menu, Run, then type cmd

Find your emperor shortcut, drag and drop it into the black window that opened. at the end of that line, add the following switches one by one, pressing enter each time:





I only know what one of them does, and you'll work out which one it is soon enough. :)

These switches I found on this forum.

Your DXDiag file seems fine enough, which is a shame (any problems mean we might have a solution !).

Also, Nod is fine with emp, I know becuase I use it (also the best AntiVirus I have come accross so far, better then Norton/McCrapee etc..)

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  when i had my old pc ( the celeron bread toaster)  i had an ati rage pro avg

  so the game was lagging  so bad but it was working. after that i tried to update the vga driver

  and when i installed the latest ati driver the game started to make same  errors and the pc would restart every time i start a game and when i restart windows it used to tell me my pc recoverd from a serious error . so when i used the older driver evrything went normal. olso somone told me the latest  geforce drivers dont get along with emp very  good..

so here i think u have a vga problem. try deffrent drivers for ure card one of them may be the

  thing for you even if it was old.

if u wanna know why those problems happen with ebfd well the reasons are 2:

  1: this game is too dam old for nowdayes supa pcs and the graphics cards revolution

  2:  some new guys are allread using integreated vgas and even older pcs whitch is even less than

  what emp  needs... so whitch one of those 2 are u? ure vga card sound strange to me...

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