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Spoiler: Just finished Dune


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I just finished Chapterhouse, ending my exploration of the Duniverse by Frank Herbert.

The series has had my attention for the past 9 months or so, and I have totally immersed myself into these great novels.

Insisting upon reading Franks original words by dismissing the translations and going for the difficult original English text.

When I was nearing the end, around 50 pages I realised that I was reading the last pages of the Dune epic, and that Frank isn't around to write any new novels.  :-X

When I read his finale note about his wife's unfortunate death I started crying.

I have never had such a reaction to any type of literature but this really made an impression upon me.

I am not a sentimental person, but I feel very emotional now, I realise that I have learnt a lot from these novels, not only language wise but also about speculative science fiction.

These were the best books I have ever read.  :'(

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Well English is my first alnguage, but I found it hard going at some points, trying to follow his writing. Those were the first books of that type that I have ever read.

But they are definately well written, in that I was glued to them.

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