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Dune Legacy: improved ingame GUI


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Unfortunately, I don't know who's currently working on the DL project (and whether anyone's still working on it, too), so, to whom it may concern:

I've created a design for DL sidebar that looks a bit more neat than the current one. Here's a screenshot:


Also posting the graphical elements that can be used in DL itself (BMP format, correct pallette).

EDIT: I've removed the attachment, see next post for a newer and more complete graphics pack.

P.S. I've posted the C&C-style icons for Dune 2 some time ago here in the forum, but they're presumably archived by now, so if some one who's ready to implement this stuff into DL may post a request for these icons right here.

P.P.S. Also notice that I've added the white box to the health bar (conyard on this shot), because the original DL health bar is a bit vague - it's just a one-pixel thick coloured line.

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