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House Ginaz and Atreides were allies?


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From the Terminology of the Imperium at the back of Dune.

GINAZ, HOUSE OF: one-time allies of Duke Leto Atreides. They were defeated in the War of Assassins with Grumman.

GRUMMAN: second planet of Niushe, noted chiefly for the feud of its ruling House (Moritani) with House Ginaz.

So wait a sec...when was this War of Assassins? Is this the conflict described in House Harkonnen? If so, then why isn't it made clearer that House Atreides and Ginaz were allies before? And wouldn't the be allied EVEN MORE later on, since Dunca helps to save the day?

Or is this something earlier? Can't be, because then they would be allies of Paulus or someone else, and not of Leto, as quoted above.

UNLESS, this war occured in the 15 years between the end of House Corrino and the beginning of Dune. Thoughts? Ideas?

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The Swordmasters of Ginaz and the House Atreides shared similar viewpoints on many issues, honor, etc. Plus, Leto only came into contact with the Ginaz after Duncan Idaho was sent to train with them. One-time allies can also be interpreted to mean at one time they were allies of Duke Leto Atreides. During the War of Assassins with Grumman the Ginaz were supported by the Atreides but they were defeated nonetheless.

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