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Emperor, WinXP and a Black screen!!!


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I've searched this forums for topics surrounding this problem and I haven't found any that quite matches what I'm experiencing.

Here Goes:

Installed Emperor on WIN XP Service Pack 2 with no problems. Started the game after installing 109 patch and the game ran fine with sound... just no picture... just black screen. I could move the mouse and here the cursor passing over the selectable areas so the game is running.

I then consulted this forum and did the install method from the sticky and that gave the same results.

Any ideas/suggestions?

[attachment archived by Gobalopper]

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To be honest I haven't played the game since I used Win 2k.

I have a playground WINXP installation aswell as the above one so I'll update my radeon drivers on that and see how it does.

Its definately a graphics issue and one that's happened on other games previously. Most notably Operation Flashpoint on a Win2k installation.

If anyone has got any other ideas I'd be most grateful.

I'll post how I get on with the full updated drivers.

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Well I got it working. I used the new 5.7 Catalysts on my other build and it worked fine. No glitches.

As this build doesn't have the same driver setup as the other one, I'm not sure whether that was the problem or not :(

It's just great to be playing it again!!!

Thanks for all your help :)

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