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Is that a smart way to check my loyality and find out if I am a secret agent on Caladan engaging in espionage in favour of the Ordos?


I'm glad you mentioned the Houses' special wepons. To me, trains just don't fit into Dune. As I try to imagine a Devastator attacking a train, a Sonic Tank attacking a train, or a train affected by deviator gas, I get a very funny feeling. And funny feelings are not funny, if you understand what I mean.

I'm in no way a train hater. I love trains. I'd cheer if we'd have trains and all stuff (railway stations, etc, etc.) in, say C&C or Red Alert. I dreamt of this, even. But Dune 2 and its fanmade successors are different. I fear the trains won't fit into specific dune2ish garphics Nema works so hard to preserve yet improve. And trains don't fit for duniverse reasons I don't wish to mention again. Trains in C&C or RA would be cool as these games' universe is similiar to our nowadays reality in many ways. There is a vast railroad network throughout the globe, and naturally these railroads are involved into a warfare, if such happens, as transport routes, strategic resource or occasional battle scenery. But it's not the same with Dune. Dune has widespread railroads as they're simply not possible. So trains are exotic. You may say exotic things attract people. But what about hardcore Dune fans? What will they say?

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To me, trains just don't fit into Dune.

I have already accepted this general argument. And when discussing the expensiveness and fighting efficiency of armored trains in the posts after Stefan's, I already knew trains won't be implemented. I was just answering the rest of your critics.

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