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Dune II


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Finally (after much moaning and groaning among my slave-actors) I've got it done.

A new video I call "Dune II," since it's based off of the original intro movie from that great game, Dune II (and yes, I forgot to mention it in the credits, but I'm not going through another 6 hours of rendering and compressing to add it in).

You can also say it was done as a "promo" for the game but.. I decided after a little internal debate with myself to post it here instead of in General. Maybe Gob or Mahdi will put it in the news section since that hasn't been updated for a couple months (crappy news is better then no news!).

It's 6 minutes and 20 seconds long, and weighs in at 20.1 megs.

You can grab it here: http://www.planettribes.com/daf/DAFOriginalDownloads/DuneII.avi

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Hrm. I've been getting that from a few people. I haven't had a chance to walk someone through getting it working yet though. Chances are, you just need a more up to date DivX Codec. I used DivX 4 to encode it, and well.. if they arn't reverse compatiable, then I'm not sure I'll ever use it again. Grab the codec for DivX 6 here:

http://www.divx.com/divx/play/download/ (do the free one).

(You really hate that tag don't you)

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No audio now?! Oi... You and Andrew should share all your codecs. Sounds like between the two of you, you've got all you need. The audio compression was, again I believe, a DivX codec compression, so downloading the most recent codec from the site I mentioned above should help (the sound really helps it, as it does any short).

I suppose you could say the credits are large, but you can't skip the credits. They're also the comic releif. My theory is, as long as the main video is larger then the credits I'm all set.

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Well I've seen it. Pretty cool video. Actually I have just downloaded tribes +your mod and installed it. However I was hoping I could view the mod without having to join a server since no server is available at the moment. Is it possible to host a game with the dune mod? Or can only you host a Dune game?

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