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bootup freezing

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I had this issue on my cheap work computer, where it would startup and then after aout 1-2 seconds shut down. It was due to a cheap power supply, and was made worse by changing the FSB on the mobo from 100Mhz to 133 Mhz and back. In the end I changed the power supply and its been ok since then, but I havent fiddled with the FSB anyway since then.

Certainly the easiest way to work it out would be get/steal/borrow a power supply, but not a ultra cheapy one.

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well, it seems the new power supply has solved the power-related problems, such as the system not turning on and the system shutting off on its own, but i still cant get the startup screen to show. while i was working on it, i took a close look at my cpu and near the core it is black on both sides, with a discoloring on most of the inner part of the chip. i'm thinking that i burnt the chip too much with that old fan :(

no beeping or anything when i try to start up, no power led either. it looks like it's been narrowed down to either the cpu or the m/b, so i'm wondering... if you had a faulty cpu, would the power led not light up? should i just try to replace the cpu, or could it still be a problem with the m/b?

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Erm, if you are not going to go up a level with your upgrade, as in get the same kind, then get a cpu, test it, if it doesnt work, then get the mobo. If you are going to upgrade a level then first be totally certain that it is the cpu and the mobo. Can you not borrow a friends chip to test ?

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