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well. i seem to need more then one log in since i lock once ina while entering a room.

thing is im still waiting to get whatever it is they are sending me. via email.

i try and log in under the new name i have made but it just errors after a few..

any suggestions anyone.

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XWIS doesnt work that way. What you are decribing is the Westwood system. They say they will send you an email, and so far I know no one who has received one (the account just works).

For XWIS just make a unique username and password and log in. If you can make a new account (max=3) it will log you in and not kick you out after about 3-5 seconds. If you have made more then 3 or there is some other error, it will kick you out after a few seconds.

Good luck.

PS I should add that whether or not it locks your login-username seems to depend on your computer configuration. I am currently looking into this as it is bugging me. It works for me fine at work, I just log back in, but at home it tells me that the "Nickname is already in use".  ???

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