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Create Caladan or Giedi Prime to conquer!


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As you might know, plans are being developed to be able to conquer Caladan as Giedi Prime as well.

To give you an impression on how that should look like, i have given you here a DUne map. The dune 2 map that is used in DUNE 2 for its regions. But also how D2TM will use it for regions.

Basicly you get this:


- 3 planets

  - every planet has a map

    - x amount of regions

When all regions are yours, you conquered the planet. Conquer Arrakis to control the spice and have full cooperation of the Guild. Basicly you should win the game as the Harkonnen or Sardaukar are nowhere when you control the spice flow.

In case (your) planet gets attacked, you need to reconquer. Or whenever a 'quest/mission' asks you to attack another planet, you should be able to see a world map. I LACK these gfx and i thought of envolving the enthousiasm of the public here.


- download the dune.zip file

- take a look how it is assembled

- take a look at the colors of Giedi Prime and Caladan , also Ordos planet may be done!

- use these colors to create a cool world map. Create borders as well to make regions.

If you need more details on the worlds (for better world drawing) i can post the entire world animation, but in PCX format...

[attachment archived by Gobalopper]

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Not bad at all :) !

In Dune, there are also 'pieces'. ie, each region has a seperated bitmap with a specific color (red) in the dune 2 palette. using that, i can shade it into any house color i like. Example piece is delivered with this post. You are free to create ur own regions btw , and pieces are welcome as well. I could try it with the very new code i have here.... ;)

[attachment archived by Gobalopper]

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Would it be possible to create the maps like they are in the Dune books?

There is the Dune map in the Dune novel, and in House Atreides, Harkonnen, Corrin have maps for some planets. Would be cool to see them (and conquer). Would be more Dunish since it wouldnt be random maps.

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are you talking about the maps we play in (the playfield) or the map i have shown here? Where you select your 'next mission'?

For both it is possible to some extend.

For dune 2 mode, i will keep the dune 2 maps ofcourse, but d2tm mode is still open for suggestion on a lot of areas.

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The problem with some of these maps is that they are very coloured. Ordos territory will be hard to make out on Caladan (green on a green base), likewise HK on Giedi prime.

On another note, what about a remapable map? So unconquered Arrakeen land is just a sandy-brown remap of the pieces thereof.

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