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Emperor Battle for Dune, freezing on connecting...


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i installed emperor and proceeded to play it on XWIS but i got a problem. i downloaded the latest patch from WOL server and then joined like 10 games on XWIS but they all freezed on connecting... right after the game launches. i played my brother on LAN and it worked fine. does anyone know why it does this to me?

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More info.

How are you connecting (please dont stop at Broadband or dialup, explain in detail).

Have you tried playing on WOL ? If not do try that, some people have no problems there but do on XWIS.

Does it happen on just that one computer or all of them on the LAN (you mentioned LAN games are ok).

Any extra info you can give. If we dont need it we will ignore it but let us decide that !

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