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D2TM - Team!


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Hi all. I have played dune games since I was around 8, and enjoyed them all.

If you are still thinking of using the data from the original Dune (Dune 1) then I might be of some assistance as I still have the original cd, in working order. I also have the Dune II manual if you need it to  get the original pictures of the units and buildings, but they're in black and white.

As for the team, I am interested in joining and shall send a PM soon.

Also pls dont forget to add walls to building selection, if it hasnt already been done.

Great work on D2TM so far guys.

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To answer what approached questions: I'm pretty sure that no data from DI will be used. The DII manual is largely irrelevant, as all the decent pictures can be found in the DII data files. The manual itself could be replicated relatively easily with the Quadrata font (I also have a lot of the unit data hanging around). Walls are not only done, they're improved (if the right graphics are included in the next build) - all 16 possible combinations will be included, and I'm almost finished doing gfx for 'damaged' wall sections.

But if there's anything in particular you think you might be able to help with, do put it into the IM to Stefan.

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I would mainly like to join as a C++ Programmer for the PC version and possibly port D2TM to the PSP :D. It will be a little challenging at first but I know I can do it. I have IM Stefan and hope to hear from him soon.

Note : Also the worm seems a bit too quick in Demo 3, single tiles can be placed on top of each other, and buildings should be allowed to start contruction even if there isnt enough spice for the whole project.

One more thing, I can build edifices instantly if I first select the building(ex factory) then click on slab to build, then place the factory, and it works.

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Hey there. I wouldn't mind giving you a hand. I tried Demo 2 out, and it's fantastic (as I write this, I'm downloading Demo 3). I don't have a HUGE amount of time on my hands, but I can sprite, do basic coding, map making, and I can do some music.

On that note, a while back I 'extracted' the DOS Sound Blaster Pro soundtrack using a method of recording. I had it put up for a while, but I took it down because Dune2k.com was SUPPOSED to upload it, but didn't. There's a few that is missing, but that will be done something in the future, maybe even today time permitting. But this is the entire ingame, attack, intro, middle-cutscene, victory, and loss songs. Only the Atredies and Ordos game completion themes are missing. Gotta love authentic Sound Blaster basics. ^_^

Send me an e-mail or MSN and I'll send it to all valid parties (or prod the site admin). My MSN is thelegacy@gmail.com. Let me know what I can help with. I'm SURE I can help with SOMETHING. ;D

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Hi all, well this thread is surely very old...

I haven't forgotten about your efforts; you might have noticed I've been working on D2TM quite steadily for past 1,5 year now. I am now working on a Credits screen and try to mention everyone. If I forget someone, please let me know and I'll update that list of people I have. Keep an eye for the next version (0.7.0) and you'll see what I mean :)


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