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Adding units in game

Laezer Fox

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I was working with the editing and I don't particularly like the programs this site has to offer, but I tried them anyway.

Whether it be with program or by manually rewriting the rules file I cannot, for the life of me, figure out how to bring the Sardaukar tank into the game as a playable unit.  For reference this unit's name in the file is IMTank.

Help would also be appreciated for bringing the IMAPC and IMdropship into play aswell.  I figure there's some sort of variable I'm missing, but can't find it.  Thanks in advance.

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You need to create first a DATA directory within your Emperor directory. Within DATA you need a MODEL directory. Inside of the MODEL directory you must either extract from your game the RULES.txt and ARTINI.txt files (use DuneEX) or they are available for download at this site.

You must then expand IMTANK within RULES.txt for example as follows: (in this example IMTank will build from any main house factory once you have first built the IMBarracks). 


Score = 3                     

House = Imperial

StormDamage=10 //only damages is never picked up

PrimaryBuilding = ORFactory, HKFactory, ATFactory

UnitGroup = FromFactory

SecondaryBuilding = IMBarracks

Terrain = Rock, Sand, NBRock, Ramp, // and then the rest as before...

However this will still not work as you must now redefine the ARTINI.txt file from:


Xaf = "IM_Tank"


to this:


Icon = "iconsHK_AsTank.tga"

IconGrey = "iconsgrey_HK_AsTank.tga"

Xaf = "IM_Tank"

SideBarType = "Units"

Then you will be able to build the IMTank.

Follow the same rule for IMAPC.

You can not though do anything with the IMDropship - it is a corrupted unit that the system checks for presence (in Campaign mode) and then skips. If you attempt to load the model it will crash EBFD.

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