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No-Crash TibEd files


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Does anyone have any TibEd files that are guaranteed not to crash Emperor: Battle for Dune?  I'm looking for the ability to play as Atreides but spend as little as possible on all of the items available.  I'm fully aware that this is cheating, but I honestly couldn't care less.  I seem to be having a lot of trouble with the file that I've attached.  It only crashes certain chapters of the Atreides portion of the game (haven't tried other houses yet).  An help would be much appreciated.

[attachment archived by Gobalopper]

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Okay, I've nixed TibEd, tried DVMC, and that crashed as well.  I tried editing the rules.txt file manually with Notepad and I STILL get a crash in the mission where you're going to destroy the Harkonnen main base.  All I'm doing is changing the cost and time of the building, personnel, and vehicles.  Does anyone know FOR SURE if this causes a crash in this level or any level.  Any information would be appreciated.

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Although I am uncertain as to your case specifically, I know Corrino's Revenge plays havoc with the campaigns: they all crash on loading except the tutorial, which is majorly bugged.  Similar behavior has occured in CR2, KH2, an ITDG, so I'm going to go out on a limb and say that mods destroy campaign compatability.  Although I believe Edric waqs working on restoring campaign functionality for Kwisatz Haderach 3; he may be a better person to ask.

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Mods do NOT have to crash campaign mode - poor design does.

The SH mod I understand plays through bar the final Worm missions.

All of Innoc's mods play through.

ICW plays through. (except for Ordos mission!!! I forgot about the homeland defence and the Great Hall is destroyed by the new Tleilaxu units before you have a chance to stop them! In Conflict of the Landsraad this is fixed by giving the building Invulnerable strength to all weapons except BOMBBOMB which is the bullet used by INTLTransport and INTLWalker to blow up buildings. You thus have 18 minutes in which to get to the hall and stop the above units from blowing up the building. A cheat but it allows the whole mission to then proceed.)

Conflict of the Landsraad (under development) plays through.

The key to this is not destroying incidental units and not changing unit [NAMES] for example the [iMDropship] is not used and not loaded (if you try you use the xbf as a unit it crashes even skirmish play) but if you remove [iMDropship] completely from the Rules list campaign play will fail. It can be moved to the bottom of the rules definition list file (so that you can have three Imperial units in succession in your build order) but it must be present somewhere though what it is tank, flyer etc can be changed.

Certain missions are critical in that they call SPECIFIC units by their [NAME] (most missions just call the 25th unit etc from the definition list irrespective of what it is called).

These critical missions include Homeworld defence and the Heighliner missions.

I have fully modded Atreides into Ix and successfully attacked the harkonnen homeworld (fully modded into Corrino) with no problems. Units and buildings have had cost/time changes plus xbf changes. So it is possible.

I suggest you try using Wordpad rather than Notepad as the latter can run out of memory and could be corrupting the rules file. Start again with a fresh Rules file and only make one or two changes (to a single unit or building) at a time and then test. Unfortunately patience is a key need as the Rules file easily corrupts (blank spaces upsets it for example).

Hope this helps

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