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Hi, i was looking at someone topics....


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Hi, i was looking on other topics and i notice the program duneEX.

Where can i find this program?I would like to mod buildings and such thanks...

Oh theres some other things i need help with:


Xaf = "IN_FR_Campfire"

Icon = "iconsHK_AsTank.tga"

IconGrey = "iconsgrey_HK_AsTank.tga"

SideBarType = "Buildings"

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You can change the colour of a laser weapon as the colour is set by the file systemmissiletrail_32.tga

Rules for laser_b bullet is usually as follows:


MissileTrail=4          <------This line sets the colour, 4 = blue

MissileTrailSize=1      <------If you want the laser to look  bigger increase this number

MissileTrailWiggleFreq = 80 <---Never played with, unknown effect

MissileTrailWiggleScale=6  <---Never played with, unknown effect

MissileTrailLength = 7  <------If you change the maxrange, adjust the length (3 less than maxrange)

MissileTrailDelta = 0.8

MaxRange = 10  //was 9

Speed = -1 // Conceptual

//Speed = 28//14.0

ExplosionType = ShellHit

Debris = DebrisSmall

Damage = 400

Warhead = Laser_W

BlowUp = TRUE //infantry death anim

IsLaser = TRUE          <--------This line tells EBFD to blow up on contact with shield

The following example is the Corrino SuperLaser fom my Conflict of the Landsraad Mod and uses an orange laser that does not react to shields:

[LaserTurret_B] // Corrino SuperLaser Gun weapon



MissileTrailWiggleFreq = 80


MissileTrailLength = 9

MissileTrailDelta = 0.8

MaxRange = 12  //was 9

Speed = -1

Debris = DebrisLarge

Damage = 1500

BlastRadius = 96

Warhead = DevPlasma_W

ExplosionType = Shellhit

BlowUp = TRUE //infantry death anim

ReduceDamageWithDistance = False

Antiaircraft = True

The biggest problem is lack of colours, but as you have succeeded in using the delta line to tweak colours that may increase the potential numbers. Gold was in fact the colour I wanted for the Corrino weapon, so thanks for your info!

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