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help dune xp problems


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i have seen the other xp threads but they dont help whenever i try to run dune2000 the screen turns black anf then a popup appears that says

not BM format uI_gfxicon_ucbmp [gGameticks=o]

what does it mean i already tried changeing the color to 256 and to windows 98 format. what else do i do???

hurry and answer... it never did this before.

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I'm having the same problem, it just goes black, i have nothing wrong with my PC, it's XP and it's working perfectly fine.

Black screen, load up, then a popup, here's a screen shot of it.


Dunno, seems like the same problem Dune200012 is having.

I figured out the problem. It's the cd. when I installed the game the cd had scratches on it, so it didn't copy the information down correctly, so out image files aren't reading correctly. I cleaned my cd and re installed the game. It worked fine afterwords.

ARg ok i need to get a better drive, one that doesn't eat my cd's. I'm still having the problem, and it's in the

Can anyone post up a copied zip file of thier UI_gfx folder, i can't seem to get mine online, nad i want to help dune200012.

ARg ok i need to get a better drive, one that doesn't eat my cd's. I'm still having the problem.

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