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Upgrading Construction Yard


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I just rebought the game last week and so far this forum has been great help getting Dune 2k to work on my XP box.

Not sure if this is an actual issue or if I'm just misremembering.  I'm playing the solo games and I don't seem to be able to upgrade my CY.  If I remember correctly I should be able to upgrade by the 4th or 5th mission.  But I don't see upgrade until I build a barracks, or light/heavy factory.  Then when I hit upgrade the CY is there but greyed out.  I've played up to the first mission where the High Tech factory is available to be built and I'm really sure it's available by then, but I could be wrong.

The upgrade option is available when I go to practice though.

Is this an issue or am I misremembering, and if it is an issue does anyone have a solution?

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