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need help with network game


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I'm starting to feel like a complete idiot.

I spent all weekend trying to get a network game going.  Finally got the right crossover cable, spent over an hour on the phone with microsoft support this morning only to find out my Norton firewall was causing problems.  Finally got the 2 computers talkking to each other!

Now I can't figure out how to actually start a game 

I pick Multiplayer, LAN.  THen i have a screen that has "host" and "join"  I put in a nickname, click "host" where I can see all the settings for the game, "join" doesn't seem to do anything.  How do you actually start a game?

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Before you click "Host" on the computers (which would happen before you could do the "Join"), when both computers have started emp and gone to Multiplayer and LAN, you should both see each other in the bar on the right side (I think its right side, been a while playing LAN).

If you cannot see each other, then you need to work on that problem.

If you can see each other, you just need to do as the Gryp says and Host then Join.

Good Luck and let us know how you do.

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Well, I got it working, I don't know how.  We weren't seeing each other before I posted this and I figured I'd give it one more try.  That time it worked, and the button to join worked and a "play" button magically appeared.  ;)

My husband thoroughly enjoyed kicking my ass. :(

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