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I'm totally new to Dune 2000 and networking.

But I've got it installed the easy bit. But I'm trying to start a networking game up between two local PCs.... and

I start the game on both (both have a cd) but I can't see anywhere where to setup a network game.... except for maybe null modem.. but in there it just has com port 1 and 2.

Any help would be much appreciated.



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I'm not positive, nites, but I think that Dune 2000 only supports IPX network games.  If your PC is relatively new (i.e. within last 3 or 4 years) then it might not be set up to allow this.  Most new games nowadays use TCP/IP protocol networking.  I know when I tried to play Tiberian Sun over the network that I had problems.

Try creating a new network connection, then in the Status menu, click Properties, then Install.  Select Protocol, and look for something that says IPX.  That should enable IPX networking on your computer.  Do the same to the other one, then try running it again.

I'm no expert on networking, but this worked for me and my flatmate when we tried to play Tiberian Sun.  If I've made any mistakes, or if anyone knows the whole / a better answer, feel free to correct / shun me entirely. :)

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I've installed the IPX protocol and now the LAN button comes up in Dune 2000.

However the two computers can't see each other, basically I'm creating a new game on 1 pc and then on the second trying to see that game and it's not there.

Does LMHOSTS have anything to do with this?

The other thing is the IPX protocol has some setup stuff. I've just gone with the windows default, but it allows you to change 'Internal network number' which has defaulted to 00000000

and Frame type: which as defaulted to Auto Detect.

Thanks for your help so far guys... it's so close to working.



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