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I give up! PLZ HELP! D2K+XP = Black screen :C


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After enjoying Dune 2 immensley, I actually found a friend who had dune 2k, but it won't work.

I have spent the whole day, mostly reading in this forum, trying to get D2k to work under XP.

I have reinstalled graphics drivers, and updated them, I have DirectX9c, and a DxDiag-file if anyone would be so kind to look at it. I have tested combatibility modes ad infinitum. To no avail.

I haven't even reached the fabled split screen, only black, black and more black screen.

All I get is some momentous sound (which probably is the menu background music).

Help? :'(

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Oh, right my bad. :x

Have you tried the compatability mode under windows 95 or 98?

Properties of the .exe file and compatability tab, then check the work under windows 95/98 try a bunch of them. Although win98 might be best. Try setting a combo of the visual settings under the compatability tab also.

So you can get it installed fine, just when you want to play it and it starts up you get a black screen with some music?

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I have the exact same problem (running on a Dell Latitude d400 laptop, Win XP SP2).  Here are some interesting findings, in case someone can shed some light on this:

1) Dune 2000 worked perfectly on my laptop until yesterday, when I got interrupted in the middle of a game by Windows Update, which subsequently bluescreened my machine and rebooted itself.  Since then, Dune2000 does not work: the game loads up, I can hear the menu music, but I see only a black screen.

2) I have updated the graphics drivers, made sure I am running DirectX 9.0c, tried all compatibility options, uninstalled/reinstalled several times, tried with and without the 1.06 patch, tried various resolutions etc ... nothing works now!

3) I plugged my laptop into my friends monitor (a flat panel LCD), and then ran the game using his monitor from my laptop: it works on his LCD monitor, but not my laptop LCD monitor. 

So it seems this problem is something to do with LCD screens maybe?  What could the crash have broken so badly that the game runs on a 2nd LCD monitor plugged into the laptop, but not on the native laptop's LCD?

Hope someone can provide some insight, otherwise I will have to wait till I get a new monitor for my desktop machine (which is currently broken) to play Dune 2000.



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I have the same problem.

I tried to forget about it but the addiction is to strong >:(.

System Information:

Gericom Laptop with LCD-screen(so i'm very sure it has something to do with that)

Directx 9.0c

Mobile Pentium 4, 3.04

Ati Radeon Mob. 9700 128MB

Windows XP SP2

Tried all compatibility, all options on/off, tried patch

An exacter description of the problem: intro starts(westwood)no problems/sequence with the woman(I forgot her name) starts no problems/now there is only a black screen, when I click on escape music starts(must be the one from the title screen), now no other button changes anything except turning on/off the music

It was very hard to find someone to share my problem, so at least I'm not alone any more...



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