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Help... strange problem


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I got a weird problem I never experienced before in EBFD.

The game runs fine but some things are very very fast. It's not the game speed whcih I have set on 6. I mean things like the camera turn. Or the radar turns so damn fast , you almost don't see the green line any more. Or if you select the infantry or building section they always circle... but in my EBFD they circle so damn fast. I don't know what this is. It's like you play a very old game on a new PC which is totally overpowered so the game runs too fast. But the game speed itself is okay, it's just the circling of icons or camera.

I didn't change anything on my pc, the problem just occured from one day to the other.

Anybody had this problem once and knows a solution?

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When I went from my Radeon drivers to Omega Drivers I noticed the Egg Timer icon now spins like a &$%% <== i.e. very very fast. The game speed is normal, just the icon does 15 revs per second lol. Ok, slight exaggeration, but it is very quick. But I am not worried, as I assume its something they didnt frame limit like they did the game play.

So gameplay will not play stupid fast speeds on the 6.0Ghz machines of the future, but the icon will become a blur.

Personally I dont mind it. As for you, are you shure you didnt change a single thing since you saw it last without the fast revolutions and now, when you noticed it ?

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no I didn't change anything. that's why it's a bit weird. I played on tuesday and everything was normal and yesterday the icons went crazy. like you said I have also that much turns per seconds. The flag icon is like in a hurricane, the infantry icon goes like a cheater in counterstrike with a 180

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I switched the gfx driver back to the old ones but the problem still exists. Like I said the problem just appeared from one day to the other so I didn't expect the downgrading back to the old gfx drivers would change anything...

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