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other servers for D2k?

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we need irc chat like WOL,  wol scripts what let u make game/join etc.  fast connection(dont start server on 56k lol,  to start dune server i think minimum connection must mbe 155mbps ,  but probably best is 3 or 6gbps :s if u want have no lags and no problems with logging on  ;D

i haved one server wat i made, so i used to this a school computer.

aha better buy wirtual server and  setup him to be dune2000 server :s, i  have also many quake 2 servers, total annihilation etc. 

peoples could made own server. it svery possible but that depend on ur hardware and connection , also u need linux (for dedicated servers most used linux is mandrak 9.0)  when i get  3gigs connection ill make dune server so that cost me  alot of euros :/ i need buy new comp,connection etc. 

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The problem is money, how do we buy it, how do we pay to and how can that person be trusted?

I dont miss dune anymore, but I would like to play it again.

Bottom line, if FoXrotorz will someday find himself bord he may fix the server and then it would be yay for all of us, too bad I can't see that day happans...

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Fcampion do u have RA2 or emperor?

Somewhere there is a post that said about registering a nick with a game that uses a serial number an then using that nick for D2k (which has no serial number) I`ll look for that post.

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