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The UT2004 Thread


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A little bit late, but since I'm following the Unreal-engine for it's great work on Deus Ex, I'll give you what I know (if you haven't found out by yourself yet).

1. Yes, the next generation of Unreal-engine is kown as Unreal-Engine 3.0.

2. Yes, there will be another Unreal Tournament - and it is called Unreal Tournament 2007. As it's name reveals, the game will be released in 2007.

3. Nobody knows if a "Unreal 3" will be released. This could very well be the case since previous generations of the Unreal-engine first released a "Unreal" single-player game, shortly followed by a "Tournament" game. If so, the earliest date I could give you is late 2006 for U3, and early 2007 for UT2007.

4. For Deus Ex-fans, since previous DX-games have been made on the Unreal-engine, it is possible that Eidos now awaits the Unreal-engine 3.0 to be finished before adapting the engine to the third game. If a DX3 is to be made is unknown.

Hey, by the way, is there anyone here who uses the UT2004 map editor - and if so, is it difficult to use?

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