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cant play online..HEEELLLPPPPP


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PLZ HELP....I've been trying to play online for ages but to no avail. I have installed the internet componets and all the rest of it, configured my firewall. So when i click multiplayer internet game, i log in ok but there are no games to join, in other games im used to a list of names or rooms/servers that i can join but in EBFD, its empty, i've also tried XWISC and the ORDS server??? any suggestions would be helpfull.

Thanx :)

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If you are not getting any errors then it is possible there is no one on when you go online.

Emperor does list hosted games just like other games, but not players. Try to make shure you play on the XWIS Server. Try to play around 9:00pm GMT when the server starts to get busy usually.

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