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Scattering predictad before Leto II ?


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I know this comes from House Corrino and doesn't have to be an actual "Dune event".

When the Highliner that's been piloted by D'murr get's lost in space, D'murr and see an enemy that has spotted the highliner. "They have seen us and are comming, we must leave. Danger, great danger." Could this be an indication that the "returning of the scattering" from Chapterhouse are in fact be this danger that D'murr has seen ?

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What if the highliner was verry, verry far outside our known univers. And it would take centuries even longer let's say about 30000 years to get to our univers ?

The "scattering returning" used schips to jump to space, probbebly no navigators. What if they got that technology a couple of years after the "D'murr incident", mayby from the people of the scattering that they encounterd on their way over here. Before that they had to travel by other means.

( sounds like a ferrytale if you tell it like that :) )

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